The RSC was established by the University Of Zimbabwe College Of Health Sciences (UZ-CHS) in mid-2010, funded by the Welcome Trust of UK under the Southern Africa Consortium of Research Excellence (SACORE). The RSC provides a platform for faculty and students to obtain the much needed and awaited research support services. One of its main goals is to develop a vibrant, sustainable research culture in the University of Zimbabwe, College of Health Sciences by building a critical mass of research scientists. It is also aimed at developing strong leadership in research, setting up attractive career pathways, and developing comprehensive research management and support systems.

Some of the key support services include identification and dissemination of funding opportunities, proposal development and submission, negotiating works and contracts with funding agencies, project and financial management, dissemination of results and knowledge translation. Effective management of research is essential in engendering a research culture and promoting state of the art and evidence based health practice, teaching and learning.

Since its establishment, the RSC has grown its activities requiring the funding base to be expanded. Funding streams now include National Institute of Health, (NIH, USA), the Netherlands-African Partnership for Capacity Development and Clinical Interventions Against Poverty-Related Disease (NACCAP), NORHED Norwegian Programme for Capacity Development in Higher Education and Research Development and the Zimbabwe Research Innovation Management (ZiRM).