To create and nurture a conducive environment and support services for researchers to promote research excellence in the College of Health Sciences.


The RSC is the designated pre-award and post-award administration office for the College of Health Sciences, providing comprehensive and quality research support services to the college research community and its external research engagements.

Strategic Goal and Objectives

To Contribute to the Overall Research Enterprise of the College by:

  • Providing comprehensive research support services while effectively managing risks and opportunities
  • Reducing administrative burden of research to enhance researcher productivity and satisfaction
  • Facilitating enhancement of research knowledge, skills and competencies through continuous learning
  • Improving access to research information
  • Strengthening research governance and compliance to nurture a climate that promotes research excellence  in the College
  • Facilitating research collaboration institutionally, nationally and internationally

Research Leadership

The RSC is led by a Director assisted by a Deputy Director and Finance Manager. The Director reports directly to the Dean of the UZ-CHS. The RSC is advised by the College Research Board. The RSC leadership also works closely with University Finance Office, College Administrators (Registrars), Institute of Continuing Health Education and Higher Degrees Committees..

Research Governance

The RSC’s mandate derives from the College Research Policy which defines the research governance framework and procedures for the College (Research Policy). The goals of the Research Policy are:

  • To create an enabling environment for, increase output, quality and utilisation of research, and ensure sustainable research capacity
  • To enhance the College’s position as a Centre of Excellence in research and a research leader contributing to national and international knowledge creation and utilisation.


The RSC is involved in a number of collaborative projects. Listed below are the RSC partners-:

1. The partners in ARISE are:

University of Malawi College of Medicine,

Makerere University College of Health Sciences

University of Rwanda

Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD)

2. SACORE partners are:

University of Malawi College of Medicine,

University of Zambia School of Medicine,

Botswana Harvard Partnership, Stellenbosch University,

University of Capetown, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine,

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine,

Barts and The London School of Medicine,

University College London.

3. NORHED Partners are:

University of Malawi Kamuzu College of Nursing,

University of Zambia School of Medicine,

Tromso and Oslo Universities (Norway).

4. Biomedical Research and Training Institute

5. African Institute of Biomedical Science & Technology (AIBST)